AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-12-01all: switch to HTTPS when availableBaptiste Jonglez
2016-11-29ring*-git: saner dependencies and providesBaptiste Jonglez
2016-11-12ring-*-git: Update and add missing dependenciesBaptiste Jonglez
2016-09-10Ring: Update to latest versionBaptiste Jonglez
2016-08-28Ring: Add to the description to facilitate searchesBaptiste Jonglez
2016-08-19Ring: update all packages to latest versionBaptiste Jonglez
2016-07-02ring: Update to latest versionBaptiste Jonglez
2016-04-24ring: -git packages don't provide the non-git package anymoreBaptiste Jonglez
2016-03-31Ring: Switch back to the upstream git repositories, since they work againBaptiste Jonglez
2016-03-21Ring *-git: Bump versionBaptiste Jonglez