AgeCommit messageAuthor
2 daysocaml-stdlib-shims added to makedependsReza Jahanbakhshi
2022-01-31Temporary workaround for ocaml-html directory issue.Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-12-14Bumped _py version to 3.10Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-11-01Added python-psutils to checkdepends and lua dependency changed to lua53Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-08-16added llvm to providesLone_Wolf
2021-06-23PKGBUILD updated to address the new analyze-{cc,c++} and intercept-{cc,c++} s...Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-05-11Removed unnecessary local scheme from the llvm-config.h in the PKGBUILD.Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-04-07upstream reverted llvm-shlib: Create object libraries for each component, pat...Lone_Wolf
2021-04-05minor changes + revert upstream commit 43ceb74eb1a5801662419fb66a6bf0d5414f1e...Lone_Wolf
2021-03-25Changed install -Dm644 polly/LICENSE.txt to install -Dm644 polly/LICENSE.TXT ...Reza Jahanbakhshi