AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-05-27update to 5.16.0Antonio Cervone
2022-03-24update to 5.15.1Antonio Cervone
2022-01-10update to v5.14.0Antonio Cervone
2021-11-16update to v5.13.1Antonio Cervone
2021-11-16update to v5.12.1Antonio Cervone
2021-05-28update to v5.11Antonio Cervone
2020-10-23update to v5.10.0 and fix dependenciesAntonio Cervone
2020-07-09update to 5.9.0 and and better following of packaging guidelinesAntonio Cervone
2020-07-09add gitignoreAntonio Cervone
2020-05-05update to 5.8.3Antonio Cervone