AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-03-13Update to nsjail git version of Feb 25 2018Stephan Eisvogel
2017-08-25Do not rely on external patches, instead pull them into packageStephan Eisvogel
2017-08-25Update to latest git as of 2017-08-25, introduce manpageStephan Eisvogel
2017-06-13Update to latest GIT as of 2017-06-13Stephan Eisvogel
2017-05-30Quench last remaining build warning, update to latest commitStephan Eisvogel
2017-05-29Build process fixes, delete doxygen/graphviz make dependancyStephan Eisvogel
2017-05-28Update to latest release, improve build processStephan Eisvogel
2017-05-28Fixed protobuf-c-text and most warningsStephan Eisvogel
2017-05-28Initial version, with protobuf-c-text disabled due to bugsStephan Eisvogel