AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-07-12Updated: PKGBUILDGoliathLabs
2020-01-03Updated PKGBUILD and dependecies and added .SRCINFOFelix Golatofski
2020-01-03Updated PKGBUILD and dependeciesFelix Golatofski
2017-07-01Remove dependence on Antergos repos and use official build script insteadManuel Hüsers
2016-11-15Updated to 3.6.6-1Manuel Hüsers
2016-10-30Updated to 3.6.5-1.1Manuel Hüsers
2016-09-25Updated to 3.6.4-1Manuel Hüsers
2016-09-21Updated to 3.6.2-1Manuel Hüsers
2016-06-17Updated to 3.5.r768-1Manuel Hüsers
2016-05-09Updated to 3.5.r723-1Manuel Hüsers