AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-03-22Bump pkgrelcondy
2020-02-07Update to 1.7.0condy
2019-09-10fix rogue build file getting in packageEric Bailey
2019-09-061.4.1-6 using official [community] PKGBUILD that was just deletedEric Bailey
2018-02-03Support package rename: jbuilder -> duneEric Bailey
2018-01-26Add jbuilder to makedepends/remove ocamlbuild. Fix package() step by adding o...Eric Bailey
2018-01-25update to 1.4.0Eric Bailey
2017-12-28Fix accidentally overwriting options array.Eric Bailey
2017-11-17fix defining URL in an array (not necessary)Eric Bailey
2017-11-16update upstream URLEric Bailey