AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-11-29Updated to new download links, is now possible to directly download fromBruno Miguel Fernandes Silva
2018-11-08Fix bug related to configuration files had to be pre generated.Bruno Silva
2018-09-03cleanup download.shBruno Silva
2018-09-03Update .srcinfoBruno Silva
2018-09-03Bump to 6.0pre2Bruno Silva
2018-06-14Disable OSGEARTH still problematic with osgearth-gitBruno Silva
2018-06-14Bump to 4.3Bruno Silva
2017-12-29Disable osgearth due to lib problemsBruno Silva
2017-12-29Bump to 5.3p1Bruno Silva
2017-08-29Bump to 5.2pre3Bruno Silva