AgeCommit messageAuthor
10 daysfix(base16): downloaded plugin namegardotd426
10 daysfix md5sum after repo name got changedactionless
2019-12-26update themix-gui to, oomox-gtk-theme to 1.11.1actionless
2019-12-25update themix-gui to, oomox-gtk-theme to 1.11actionless
2019-12-22update themix-gui to
2019-11-29update themix-gui to 1.12.5 and oomoxify to 1.2actionless
2019-11-02update materia-theme and papirus-icon-themeLaurent Tréguier
2019-10-09update papirus iconsLaurent Tréguier
2019-09-21update themix gui, papirus iconsLaurent Tréguier
2019-09-13update arc-theme and materia-themeLaurent Tréguier