AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-09-08Merge pull request #7 from sphaugh/masterDylan Araps
2017-09-02rounded-corners: Disable on clients that request their shapeSean Haugh
2017-08-28docs: READMEDylan Araps
2017-08-28general: Add srcinfoDylan Araps
2017-08-28rel: bumpDylan Araps
2017-08-28Merge pull request #4 from sphaugh/masterDylan Araps
2017-08-27rounded-corners: Disable corners only on fullscreen and docked clientsSean Haugh
2017-08-13general: Update srcinfoDylan Araps
2017-08-13general: Fix empty provides and remove PGP check.Dylan Araps
2017-08-13docs: READMEDylan Araps