AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-04-11Attempt to make rebase slightly more likely to succeedJoe Groocock
2020-04-11Silently abort any previously failed rebase attemptsJoe Groocock
2020-04-09Switch to tryone144/picom upstream repoJoe Groocock
2020-04-05Remove 'replaces' as it is not appropriate hereJoe Groocock
2020-03-31Fetch and rebase upstream without local remoteJoe Groocock
2020-03-29Update pkgver to 1350_Next.69.gfc864c0_2020.03.29Joe Groocock
2020-03-29Ignore global git configJoe Groocock
2020-03-25Update pkgver to 1345_Next.64.g75dd105_2020.03.25Joe Groocock
2020-03-18Update pkgver to 1340_Next.59.g0cc7437_2020.03.18Joe Groocock
2020-03-15Set default git user/emailJoe Groocock