AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-09-09Update to 2.3.0, Use tar.gz source file instead of cloningAli Molaei
2022-08-14Update to 2.2.2Ali Molaei
2022-05-01Update to 2.1.3Ali Molaei
2022-04-22Fix cloning issueAli Molaei
2022-02-22Update to 2.1.1Ali Molaei
2022-02-04Update to 2.1.0Ali Molaei
2021-12-15Update to 1.8.12Ali Molaei
2021-11-02Fix The unauthenticated git protocol, Molaei
2021-10-31Update to 1.8.10-go.sum-fixedAli Molaei
2021-09-15Update to 1.8.9Ali Molaei