AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-04-25Bumped to 3.0.2Thomas Jost
2019-03-28Bumped to 3.0.1Thomas Jost
2019-03-11Bumped to 3.0.0Thomas Jost
2019-01-04Bumped to 2.0.1Thomas Jost
2018-09-24Bumped to 1.2.6 and added python2?-text-unidecode to optdependsThomas Jost
2018-08-08Bump pkgrel to force upgrading to Python 3.7Thomas Jost
2018-07-27Bumped to 1.2.5Thomas Jost
2017-08-29Bumped to 1.2.4Thomas Jost
2017-03-20Bumped to 1.2.1Thomas Jost
2016-05-03Rename slugify to slugify2 in python2-slugifyThomas Jost