AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-01-07Fix md5sumGilles Hamel
2018-01-07Version bump to 1.1.1Gilles Hamel
2018-01-07add new service files to cover all use caseGilles Hamel
2018-01-07set config to minimal and simple : see folder etc/carbon/examples for detailsGilles Hamel
2017-11-14Merge upstream config fileGilles Hamel
2017-11-14Fix md5sumGilles Hamel
2017-11-14Version bump to 1.0.2Gilles Hamel
2017-05-02Fix md5sumGilles Hamel
2017-05-02Writes service log to /var/log/carbonGilles Hamel
2017-05-02Version bump to 1.0.1Gilles Hamel