AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-07-02aarch64 arch tested and addedbl00dy1837
2021-07-02package adopted. updated to newest version. qt5-svg as dependency added. gcc ...bl00dy1837
2019-12-15update SRCINFORenaud G
2019-11-27update for 1.9.2 version.Renaud G
2018-04-06Add missing requirementkujiu (
2017-07-17Update to version 1.8.2kujiu (
2017-04-11Update to version 1.8.1kujiu (
2017-03-01Fix version number in SRCINFOkujiu (
2017-02-28Update version numberkujiu (
2017-02-28Fix permissions, refactor PKGBUILDkujiu (