AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-08-10[snowflake-client] Update to 1.2.23D. Can Celasun
2021-09-29[snowflake-client] Update to 1.2.18D. Can Celasun
2021-06-17[snowflake-client] Update to 1.2.15D. Can Celasun
2021-06-02[snowflake-client] Update to 1.2.14D. Can Celasun
2020-12-17bump version to 1.2.10Ethan Pailes
2019-07-30[snowflake-client] Update to 1.1.82D. Can Celasun
2017-04-28Update maintainer emailsD. Can Celasun
2016-03-22Update snowflake-clientCan Celasun
2016-02-04Update snowflake-clientCan Celasun
2015-11-20Update snowflake-clientD. Can Celasun