AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-03-21Removed optional dependency clx-truetype, as it is no longer available in AUR.Kaare Jenssen
2019-12-24Corrected package dependency name of cl-alexandria-git and updated version nu...kaarejens
2018-11-07new upload triggered by sbcl updatehaawda
2018-05-29new tagging scheme requires change in pkgverhaawda
2018-05-02fix provides/conflictshaawda
2018-05-01add desktop filehaawda
2017-12-05Updated version (1.0.1.rc.28.g29a4b88 -> 1.0.1.rc.29.g2d28580).AUR Update Bot
2017-12-03Updated version (1.0.1.rc.27.g594a925 -> 1.0.1.rc.28.g29a4b88).AUR Update Bot
2017-12-02Updated version (1.0.1.rc.15.gaa8f956 -> 1.0.1.rc.27.g594a925).AUR Update Bot
2017-11-30Updated version (1.0.1.rc.10.gcbf39b8 -> 1.0.1.rc.15.gaa8f956).AUR Update Bot