AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-08-25Update to version 2.3.0.Markus Weimar
2019-07-27Move fonts to per-package directory.Markus Weimar
2019-04-22Update to version 2.2.1.Markus Weimar
2019-03-15Rename license to prevent checksum errors.Markus Weimar
2019-03-08Update to version 2.2.0.Markus Weimar
2019-02-01Update to version 2.1.0.Markus Weimar
2018-12-17Update to version 2.0.2.Markus Weimar
2018-10-05Update to version 2.0.1.Markus Weimar
2018-07-19Update to version 2.0.0.Markus Weimar
2018-05-18Update to version 1.14.3.Markus Weimar