AgeCommit messageAuthor
14 daysdon't overwrite the example build config anymoreAndy Kluger
2020-01-19current upstream has all different defaults, so choose variants to approximat...Andy Kluger
2019-03-16new build syntax; hex asteriskAndy Kluger
2018-10-10pkgver fixAndy Kluger
2018-10-10revert hacks to ensure a shallow checkout, and revert versioning schemeAndy Kluger
2018-10-10hacks to ensure a shallow checkout (a few mb vs nearly 1gb), use new short op...Andy Kluger
2018-08-21new build system, file-based config instead of env varAndy Kluger
2018-05-06version bump; update comments with new build optionsAndy Kluger
2018-04-11new termlig variantAndy Kluger