AgeCommit messageAuthor
8 daysChange dependency uefitool-git to uefitoolJean-Marc Lenoir
8 daysSync with vmware-workstation 16.2.0Jean-Marc Lenoir
2021-08-01Implement .path units to start services only when a VM is startedJean-Marc Lenoir
2021-08-01Compatibility with Linux 5.14-rc1Jean-Marc Lenoir
2020-12-12Compatibility with Linux 5.10Jean-Marc Lenoir
2020-09-18CleanupJean-Marc Lenoir
2020-09-06Compatibility with Linux 5.9-rc3Jean-Marc Lenoir
2020-09-05Compatibility with Linux 5.8Jean-Marc Lenoir
2020-08-08Prevent VMware to run on Linux>=5.8Jean-Marc Lenoir
2020-03-21Add missing dependenciesJean-Marc Lenoir