AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-08-26Update to weston 7.0.0Miguel A. Vico
2019-06-24Update to weston 6.0.1Miguel A. Vico
2019-06-21Include recent fixesMiguel A. Vico
2019-03-27Update to weston 6.0.0Miguel A. Vico
2019-03-26Fix build failure due to pango pkgconfig not listing gobject-2.0 libsMiguel A. Vico
2019-01-16Include recent fixesMiguel A. Vico
2019-01-04Use wayland-eglstream-protocols from egl-waylandMiguel A. Vico
2018-12-18Use autoreconf to regenerate configure scriptMiguel A. Vico
2018-08-24Update to weston 5.0.0Miguel A. Vico
2018-06-25Make depend on egl-wayland instead of egl-wayland-gitMiguel A. Vico