AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-05-15simplify wit-makefile.patch so it doesn't break on every Makefile changeFerdinand Bachmann
2021-04-06update SRCINFOFerdinand Bachmann
2021-04-06use standard contributor / maintainer headingsFerdinand Bachmann
2021-04-06remove 'conflicts' clause since 'provides' already does thisFerdinand Bachmann
2021-04-06add missing patch to repoFerdinand Bachmann
2021-04-06add pkgver() functionFerdinand Bachmann
2021-04-06add 'make version' command for pkgverFerdinand Bachmann
2021-04-06also remove incompatible flags in package()Ferdinand Bachmann
2021-04-06remove compilation flags incompatible with clang before buildingFerdinand Bachmann
2021-04-06rework into -git packageFerdinand Bachmann