AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-07-20update makedepends: boost and portaudio, thx babatongNeal
2021-06-13Finally can remove patch, but requires newer hamlib found in hamlib-gitNeal
2020-11-15Update patch so it doesn't failNeal
2020-03-22move gcc-fortran to makedependsNeal Miller
2020-03-21Add patch for QT 5.14, issue with Qhash, temporary. See Miller
2019-07-16advance pkgrel due to changes with dependanciesNeal Miller
2019-07-15move qt5-tools to makedependsNeal Miller
2019-07-15fixed typo - qt5-tools not gt5-toolsNeal Miller
2019-07-15Update dependencies - qt5-toolsNeal Miller
2019-05-27fix last commitNeal Miller