AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-06-14Removed additional md5sum sectionBrendan Szymanski
2022-06-14Removed GCC/Clang patch, as it is no longer necessaryBrendan Szymanski
2022-06-08Made clang default compiler, applied patch to workaround constexpr vector iss...Brendan Szymanski
2022-05-03Removed soundtouch from list of submodule dependenciesBrendan Szymanski
2021-11-16Updated dependenciesBrendan Szymanski
2021-10-05Remove libzip, enable external SDLBrendan Szymanski
2021-08-25Added compatability list review, updated dependencies to reduce build timeBrendan Szymanski
2021-07-25Add httplib submodule and update discord-rpc submoduleBrendan Szymanski
2021-04-25Update dependencies, refactor PKGBUILD, return to manual submodule managementBrendan Szymanski
2020-11-03Removed check(), added ffmpeg to makedependsBrendan