AgeCommit messageAuthor
47 hoursFix checksum for zim.installRhinoceros
2 days1.7.0 fix - typo in after-install messageMateusz Galazyn
2 days1.7.0 fixMateusz Galazyn
2021-09-30Change chmod to be more flexibleMateusz Galazyn
2021-09-26Another patch fix for zimfw.zsh (thanks Rhinoceros)Mateusz Galazyn
2021-08-10Fix patch for zimfw.zsh (thanks Rhinoceros)Mateusz Galazyn
2021-01-26Remove duplicated zim loadingMateusz Galazyn
2021-01-22Fix for incorrect /usr/lib/zim rights, againMateusz Galazyn
2021-01-13Fix for incorrect /usr/lib/zim rights after zimfw install, fix for force upda...Mateusz Galazyn
2021-01-12Update .SRCINFOMateusz Galazyn