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+[![AUR badge][AUR badge]][AUR]
+TopDrawer installer Arch Linux.
+[TopDrawer][homepage] is a SLAC software of which different versions are in
+circulation. For the automatic plotting after event generation MadAnalysis
+needs to be able to cut a topdrawer file in smaller files, convert them to
+postscript files and rotate the single plots automatically to put them in a web
+page. As the syntax for conversion and rotating plots is not the same in all
+version some errors, or even a complete stop of the MadGraph/MadEvent run might
+be expected if a non-default version of topdrawer is used for the automatic
+A complete topdrawer reference manual can be found ‚Äčat:
+> [Reference Manual](
+[AUR badge]:
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-#+TITLE: TopDrawer [[][]]
-TopDrawer bundled for installation on Arch Linux.