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+death.wav: Copyright 2003 Manuel Moss (
+break.wav: Copyright 2003 John-Paul Gignac (
+gameover.wav: Copyright 2002 Pete Shinners (
+pickaxe.svg: Copyright 2004 Jenn Hartnoll
+diamond1.svg: Copyright 2004 Michael Urman
+Character portraits: Copyright 2004 Jessi Silver
+intro.ogg: Copyright 2004 Brendan Becker
+single.ogg, versus-1.ogg: Copyright 2005 Ben Zeigler
+clicked.wav, rotate.wav, select-confirm.wav, select-move.wav,
+and tick.wav: Released into the public domain. If this is not allowed
+in your jurisdiction, you may freely copy, distribute, modify, and
+distribute modified versions of these files, for any purpose.
+All else: Copyright 2004 Joe Wreschnig <>
+Unless otherwise noted above, all material (source code, documentation,
+and game data) is licensed under the GNU GPL version 2 as published by
+the Free Software Foundation, copyrighted by the owners credited above.