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2018-05-18Adding reported fixfusion809
2017-12-12Bumping to rev 10331fusion809
2017-12-02Adding 0ad-data-git as a dep for 0ad-git, 0ad-git as a dep for 0ad-data-gitfusion809
2017-12-02Bumping to rev 20244fusion809
2017-12-01Rm 0ad-data dep, not sure how it got in therefusion809
2017-10-11Oddly /usr/share/0ad-git is where data files should be kept, not /usr/share/0adfusion809
2017-10-11Updating desc and commitfusion809
2017-02-06Adding git makedepfusion809
2016-11-09Bumping commit to 18291fusion809
2016-10-26Bumping pkgverfusion809
2016-10-20Bumping pkgverfusion809
2016-09-09Updating pkgdescfusion809
2016-09-09Initial commitfusion809