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5 daysUpgrading to version 5.5.2Fredy García
2021-12-07Upgrading to version 5.5.1Fredy García
2021-10-28Upgrading to version 5.5.0Fredy García
2021-09-02Upgrading to version 5.4.3Fredy García
2021-06-17Upgrading to version 5.4.2Fredy García
2021-05-05Upgrading to version 5.4.0frealgagu
2021-02-08Upgrading to version 5.3.3frealgagu
2021-01-15Version update to 5.3.2.frealgagu
2020-12-18Version update to 5.3.1. Patch to is no longer needed (Fix include ↵frealgagu
distro which is supported in recent versions).
2020-03-17Version update to 4.3.2. Includes a patch to which is needed when ↵Pawel Mosakowski
runnig Python 3.8
2019-05-11Update to version 4.2.2Pawel Mosakowski
2019-02-10Updated .SRCINFO for 4.2.1Pawel Mosakowski
2018-08-01Updated the .SRCINFO to include new releasePawel Mosakowski
2018-08-01Update to v4.1.0. Version listed as 4.1.1 in the download URLPawel Mosakowski
2018-07-23Due to upstream removing 4.1 I have downgraded to 4.0.1. Rewritten PKGBUILD ↵Pawel Mosakowski
to not use dpkg
2018-07-19Initial releasePawel Mosakowski