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2019-07-11Version bump to 2.0.6Johannes Wienke
2019-01-28Version bump to 2.0.4Johannes Wienke
2019-01-11Version bump to 2.0.3Johannes Wienke
2018-09-10Version bump to 2.0.2Johannes Wienke
2018-08-06Artificial version bump for python 3.7Johannes Wienke
2018-07-20Version bump to 2.0.1Johannes Wienke
2018-04-14Version bump to 1.1.0Johannes Wienke
2017-11-26Version bump to 1.0.0Johannes Wienke
2017-11-09Version bump to 0.6Johannes Wienke
2017-10-27Version bump to 0.5.1Johannes Wienke
2017-07-02Release 0.5Johannes Wienke
2017-06-13Version bump to 0.4.1Johannes Wienke
2017-03-28Backup config filesJohannes Wienke
2017-03-28Version bump to 0.4Johannes Wienke
2017-03-23Add xprintidle as opt dependencyJohannes Wienke
2017-01-10bump for python 3.6Johannes Wienke
2016-03-08Version bump to 0.3Johannes Wienke
2016-01-01Version bump to 0.2.1Johannes Wienke
2015-11-14Version bumpJohannes Wienke
2015-09-21Initial releaseJohannes Wienke