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2016-11-30use unique name for source fileMax Falk
2016-05-20update for new tagMax Falk
2016-05-20bump to 3.6.3Max Falk
2016-05-08use python3 explicitly for setup.pyMax Falk
2016-05-08update to 3.6.2Max Falk
2016-04-14update to 3.6.1Max Falk
2016-04-10update to 3.6.0Max Falk
2016-04-08add wmctrl to dependenciesMax Falk
2016-04-08bump to 3.5.0Max Falk
2016-03-29update to 3.4.0Max Falk
2016-01-03bump to v3.3.1Max Falk
2016-01-03update to 3.3.0Max Falk
2016-01-03update to v3.2.1Max Falk
2015-11-08bump to 3.0.2Max Falk
2015-10-16update to v3.0.1Max Falk
2015-10-16add wmctrl and spotify as dependenciesMax Falk
2015-10-16update to v3.0.0Max Falk
2015-08-15update srcinfo to 1.9.0Max Demian
2015-07-11update srcinfo to 1.8.8Max Demian
2015-06-11Initial importMax Demian