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2022-05-03Update to 1.3.1Graeme Gott
2021-05-06Update to 1.3.0Graeme Gott
2020-04-21Update to 1.2.6Graeme Gott
2019-08-07Update to 1.2.5Graeme Gott
2018-07-20Update to 1.2.4Graeme Gott
2018-05-29Update to 1.2.3Graeme Gott
2017-12-26Update to 1.2.2Graeme Gott
2017-07-30Update to 1.2.1Graeme Gott
2017-07-01Rerun configure to find generated translations.Graeme Gott
2016-12-10Switch to HTTPSGraeme Gott
2016-10-12Update to 1.2.0Graeme Gott
2015-06-09Initial importGraeme Gott