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2018-01-11Added stonesense build back in, added utils patchmetamer
2018-01-10update to 44.03metamer
2017-06-25bump to 43.05metamer
2017-02-10remove pylnp patchmetamer
2017-01-29fix issue with get_terminal_name callmetamer
2017-01-29set twbt to point to tagmetamer
2016-09-22removed pylnp terminal patchmetamer
2016-08-29case sensitivity fix for foldersmetamer
2016-08-29updating to r3 to avoid inconsistencymetamer
2016-08-29updating srcinfometamer
2016-08-29updated graphics packsmetamer
2016-07-15update to 43.03metamer
2016-04-21added note about graphics manifests to installmetamer
2016-04-21revise patch for visualizersmetamer
2016-04-20version bump to 42.06, use master for unfuckmetamer
2016-04-20use bash instead of sh for lnpmetamer
2016-03-05added java-environment optdependsmetamer
2016-03-05copy over dfhack-configmetamer
2016-03-05added all filesmetamer