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2022-10-10updated versionGabriele Musco
2022-09-22updated dependenciesGabriele Musco
2022-05-14added community/blueprint-compiler make dependencyGabriele Musco
2022-03-24fixed python-magic-ahupp dependency and updated versionGabriele Musco
2022-03-21updated dependenciesGabriele Musco
2021-12-03added blueprint-compiler-git to makedependsGabriele Musco
2021-11-30added python-humanize to dependenciesGabriele Musco
2021-11-29updated build script and dependenciesGabriele Musco
2021-01-18updated to 0.16.2Gabriele Musco
2020-11-13updated to version 0.16.1Gabriele Musco
2020-11-12updated to version 0.16Gabriele Musco
2020-10-07changed libhandy1 dependency to libhandyGabriele Musco
2020-09-23updated to 0.15Gabriele Musco
2020-07-18updated to version 0.14.1Gabriele Musco
2020-07-17updated to version 0.14Gabriele Musco
2020-03-27updated to version 0.13.4Gabriele Musco
2020-03-19updated to version 0.13.2Gabriele Musco
2020-03-14updated to version 0.13.1Gabriele Musco
2020-03-14updated to version 0.13Gabriele Musco
2020-01-17added pygments abd beautifulsoup4 dependenciesGabriele Musco
2019-12-13updated dependenciesGabriele Musco
2019-10-06updated to 0.11Gabriele Musco
2019-09-15updated to 0.10Gabriele Musco
2019-09-05updated to 0.9Gabriele Musco
2019-09-04updated to 0.8, changed package nameGabriele Musco
2019-08-22updated to 0.7Gabriele Musco
2019-08-12updated to 0.6Gabriele Musco
2019-08-12updated to 0.6Gabriele Musco
2019-08-09updated to 0.5.2Gabriele Musco
2019-08-08updated to 0.5.1Gabriele Musco
2019-08-08updated to 0.4Gabriele Musco
2019-08-06updated to 0.4.1Gabriele Musco
2019-08-06updated to 0.4Gabriele Musco
2019-08-03updated to 0.3Gabriele Musco
2019-08-03first releaseGabriele Musco