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2020-08-07Fix typo on conflictsObed N Munoz
2020-08-07Update package version methodologyObed N Munoz
2020-08-07Update missing fileObed N Munoz
2019-01-18Update to latest commit in master branchObed N Munoz
2018-10-02Update to 1.11.1 releaseObed N Munoz
2018-08-30Update to 1.11 releaseAnthony Bonafide
2018-08-03Bump to 1.11 beta versionObed N Munoz
2018-06-27Bump new versionObed N Munoz
2018-02-26Bump version to master's commitObed N Munoz
2018-02-08Bump versionObed N Munoz
2018-02-01Bump new RC versionObed N Munoz
2017-08-25Move to sourceObed N Munoz
2017-08-25Update metadata fileObed N Munoz
2016-01-22bump to 1.6fzerorubigd
2015-06-09import from the aur3fzerorubigd