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2019-04-12autu: Update to 7.0.0-1Chris Severance
2018-11-27autu: Update to 5.6.1-2 Fix Type1 font pathChris Severance
2018-09-18autu: Update to 5.6.1-1Chris Severance
2018-08-22autu: Update to 5.6.0-1Chris Severance
2017-08-15Fix ghostscript upgrade detectionChris Severance
2017-07-21coverpage hook font dialrulesChris Severance
2017-02-23Update to 5.5.9Chris Severance
2016-02-12Update to 5.5.8Chris Severance
2016-01-08Update to 5.5.7Chris Severance
2015-12-10Update to new gcc compilerChris Severance
2015-07-06Initial importChris Severance