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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
8 daysUpdate to 10.11.2fBen Alex
2021-11-05Update to 10.11.2eBen Alex
2021-11-03Update to 10.11.2dBen Alex
2021-10-29Update to 10.11.2cBen Alex
2021-10-23Update to 10.10.2sBen Alex
2021-10-22Add epoch=1 (thanks @sakaru)Ben Alex
2021-10-16Update to 10.10.2rBen Alex
2021-10-07Update to 10.10.2qBen Alex
2021-10-01Update to 10.10.2pBen Alex
2021-09-24Update to 10.10.2oBen Alex
2021-09-18Update to 10.10.2nBen Alex
2021-09-16Update to 10.10.2mBen Alex
2021-09-10Update to 10.10.2lBen Alex
2021-09-09Update to 10.10.2kBen Alex
2021-09-05Update to 10.10.2iBen Alex
2021-08-26Update to 10.10.2fBen Alex
2021-08-25Update to 10.10.2eBen Alex
2021-08-18Remove desktop fileBen Alex
2021-08-18Update .SRCINFOBen Alex
2021-08-13Update to 985.1kBen Alex
2021-08-08Update to 985.1jBen Alex
2021-08-08Update to 985.1hBen Alex
2021-07-31Refactor to support differing JRE locationsBen Alex
2021-07-31Update to 985.1hBen Alex
2021-07-23Update to 985.1gBen Alex
2021-07-15Update to 985.1fBen Alex
2021-07-02Update to 985.1eBen Alex
2021-06-25Update to 985.1dBen Alex
2021-06-19Update to 985.1cBen Alex
2021-06-13Update to 985.1bBen Alex
2021-06-11Update to 985.1aBen Alex
2021-05-28Update to 984.1jBen Alex
2021-05-22Update to 984.1hBen Alex
2021-05-17Update to 984.1fBen Alex
2021-05-14Update to 984.1eBen Alex
2021-05-12Update to 984.1cBen Alex
2021-05-07Update to 983.2lBen Alex
2021-04-29Update to 983.2jBen Alex
2021-04-22Update to 983.2iBen Alex
2021-04-17Update to 981.2zBen Alex
2021-04-16Update to 983.2eBen Alex
2021-04-14Update to 981.2zBen Alex
2021-04-08Update to 981.2yBen Alex
2021-04-01Update to 981.2xBen Alex
2021-03-27Update to 981.2wBen Alex
2021-03-20Update to 981.2vBen Alex
2021-03-12Update to 981.2uBen Alex
2021-03-06Update to 981.2tBen Alex
2021-02-26Update to 981.2sBen Alex
2021-02-12Update to 981.2rBen Alex