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2019-06-30removed -j4acxz
2019-06-30removed unit testingacxz
2019-06-30faster compilation and fixed dep reqsacxz
2019-06-30corrected constraintsacxz
2019-06-30added harder constraints on dependenciesacxz
2019-06-27updated packageacxz
2018-02-24Update to version 4.0.0Tim Rakowski
2018-01-05Replaced uuid dependency with util-linuxTim Rakowski
2018-01-04Moved cmake to build. Removed empty prepare(). Added check()Tim Rakowski
2018-01-04Disabled test buildTim Rakowski
2017-12-12Update to 3.1.0Tim Rakowski
2017-04-06Version bump to 3.0.1Johannes Wienke
2016-06-26Update to version 1.2.0Benjamin Chrétien
2016-01-30Fix dependsBenjamin Chrétien
2016-01-30Initial commitBenjamin Chrétien