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3 daysPublish version 2.17.0Carl Smedstad
2022-05-10Publish version 2.16.4Carl Smedstad
2022-05-08Publish version 2.16.3Carl Smedstad
2022-04-28Publish version 2.16.2Carl Smedstad
2022-04-21Publish version 2.16.1Carl Smedstad
2022-04-15Publish version 2.16.0Carl Smedstad
2022-04-13Publish version 2.15.1Carl Smedstad
2022-03-31Update to version 2.15.0Carl Smedstad
2022-03-27Update to version 2.14.2Carl Smedstad
2022-03-24Update to version 2.14.1Carl Smedstad
2022-03-20Update to version 2.14.0Carl Smedstad
2022-02-24pkgrel 2: Add executable symlink jf and completionsCarl Smedstad
2022-02-24Update to version 2.13.0Carl Smedstad
2022-02-09Update to version 2.12.1Carl Smedstad
2022-02-04Update to version 2.12.0Carl Smedstad
2022-01-24Update to version 2.11.1Carl Smedstad
2022-01-14Update to version 2.11.0Carl Smedstad
2022-01-04Update to version 2.10.1Carl Smedstad
2021-12-31Update to version 2.10.0Carl Smedstad
2021-12-13Update to version 2.9.0Carl Smedstad
2021-12-06Update to version 2.8.3Carl Smedstad
2021-12-03Update to version 2.8.1Carl Smedstad
2021-12-01Update to version 2.8.0Carl Smedstad
2021-11-30Update to version 2.7.0 - SRCINFOCarl Smedstad
2021-11-25Update to version 2.6.2Carl Smedstad
2021-11-22Update to version 2.6.1Carl Smedstad
2021-11-09Update to version 2.5.1Carl Smedstad
2021-10-25Update to version 2.5.0Carl Smedstad
2021-10-03Update to version 2.3.0Carl Smedstad
2021-08-30Update to version 2.3.0Carl Smedstad
2021-08-19Update to version 2.2.1Carl Smedstad
2021-08-19Update to version 2.2.0Carl Smedstad
2021-07-23Update to verison 2.1.1Carl Smedstad
2021-07-14Update to version 1.50.1Carl Smedstad
2021-06-24Update to version 1.50.0Carl Smedstad
2021-06-17Update to version 1.49.0Carl Smedstad
2021-06-06Update to version 1.48.1Carl Smedstad
2021-05-24Update to version 1.48.0Carl Smedstad
2021-05-15Update to version 1.47.3Carl Smedstad
2021-05-05Update to version 1.47.2Carl Smedstad
2021-04-29Update to version 1.47.1Carl Smedstad
2021-04-28Update to version 1.47.0Carl Smedstad
2021-04-19Publish jfrog-cli-bin version 1.46.4Carl Smedstad