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2022-01-24Update to version 3.12 SP1doragasu
2021-01-12Update to version 3.12doragasu
2020-10-03Update to version 3.11 SP3doragasu
2020-02-06Update to version 3.11 SP2doragasu
2019-11-23Update to SP1doragasu
2019-06-29Update to version 3.11doragasu
2018-11-26Updated to SP3Jesus Alonso
2018-09-22Fixed patch download URLdoragasu
2018-09-22Updated to SP2, version
2018-06-10Removed !upx option not anymore supported by makepkg.doragasu
2017-11-19Updated package to version 3.10.doragasu
2017-06-23Removed unneeded rpmextract dependency.doragasu
2017-05-03Updated to version 3.9doragasu
2016-07-17Initial commit.doragasu