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2 hoursForced usage of c++17 until upstream fix.Reza Jahanbakhshi
2022-07-03Added lib32-mesa-libgl to the provides list.Reza Jahanbakhshi
2022-07-03Bumped llvm version to 14.0.6Reza Jahanbakhshi
2022-05-21artifacts in rendering text in GNOME and chromium based applications if mesa ...Reza Jahanbakhshi
2022-03-23Updated maintainers list. Auto-patch script added.Reza Jahanbakhshi
2022-02-08llvm version bumped to 13.0.1Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-12-16Duplicated packages removed from makedepends.Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-12-05Mesa classic drivers removed. Removed drivers are Radeon R100 and R200, old (...Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-11-30Updated PKGBUILD to honor the user set compiler using CC and CXX environment ...Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-11-13Changed to use llvm 13.0.0Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-09-14patch included in main and no longer needed, removedLone_Wolf
2021-09-13hasParamAttr issue has been partially solved, edited & renamed patchLone_Wolf
2021-09-10patch added to solve build failure, see
2021-08-12support vulkan driver for swrast & virtio-experimentalLone_Wolf
2021-07-26Removed unnecessary patch file.Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-07-2432bit build fail fixed upstream so the patch isn't necessary anymore.Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-07-12added patch to solve build failureReza Jahanbakhshi
2021-07-10Updated system clang to 12.0.1Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-06-20crocus driver added to the PKGBUILD.Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-06-07Updated llvm version to the latest.Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-05-10Default branch changed from master to main in the upstream.Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-03-27PKGBUILD updated to reflect the change in meson vulkan-layers options.Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-03-27Removing script file from /usr/bin is not necessary anymore.Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-02-19Use llvm 11.1.0Reza Jahanbakhshi
2021-02-17Updated to use lib32-libelf instead of lib32-elfutilsReza Jahanbakhshi
2021-01-13updated repo llvm dependencyLone_Wolf
2020-12-11updated osmesa valueLone_Wolf
2020-12-07disabled microsoft-clcLone_Wolf
2020-11-12updated llvm versionLone_Wolf
2020-08-28cleaned up dependencies, also using b_ndebug=true againLone_Wolf
2020-08-13some cleanup, removed drm & surfaceless from platforms as they nolonger shoul...Lone_Wolf
2020-07-30updated llvm version requirementLone_Wolf
2020-07-16switched to b_ndebug=false for nowLone_Wolf
2020-07-02re-enabled LTOLone_Wolf
2020-06-23driconf translation files no longer require separate ninja command, removedLone_Wolf
2020-06-08update deprecated meson optionsLone_Wolf
2020-05-18disabled lto, see and
2020-05-09tested succesfull buildLone_Wolf
2020-05-08added lib32-vulkan-driverLone_Wolf
2020-05-03enabled ltoLone_Wolf
2020-05-03remove vulkan file that is already present in mesa-gitLone_Wolf
2020-05-03added vulkan-device-select-layerLone_Wolf
2020-04-19updated for llvm/clang 10Lone_Wolf
2020-04-06cleaned up providesLone_Wolf
2020-03-06added commands to update translation files (used by DRI configuration tool)Lone_Wolf
2020-02-24lib32-zstd issue fixed, re-enabled support for zstdLone_Wolf
2020-02-12switched to gitlab sourceLW-archlinux
2020-01-26updated maintainer email addressLW-archlinux
2020-01-01updated llvm dependency versionLW-archlinux
2019-12-15moved lib32-vulkan-icd-loader from makedepends to depends as without it 32-bi...LW-archlinux