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2018-08-19Update to 2.2.8 versionGicu GORODENCO
2018-02-11Using specific 2.2.6-4 version in provides to avoid dependency breakingGicu GORODENCO
2018-02-10Removing useless "provides"Gicu GORODENCO
2018-02-10Update to 2.2.6 source codeGicu GORODENCO
2017-04-01Typo fix in name : ipp144 => ipp14Gicu GORODENCO
2017-03-19Update to 2.2.2 source codeGicu GORODENCO
2016-05-30Update to 2.1.3, part 2Gicu GORODENCO
2015-06-21v2.0.2-1Gicu GORODENCO