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2016-12-01all: switch to HTTPS when availableBaptiste Jonglez
2016-11-29ring*-git: saner dependencies and providesBaptiste Jonglez
- only depend on non-git packages - every -git package provides the non-git package
2016-11-12ring-*-git: Update and add missing dependenciesBaptiste Jonglez
2016-09-10Ring: Update to latest versionBaptiste Jonglez
2016-08-28Ring: Add to the description to facilitate searchesBaptiste Jonglez
2016-08-19Ring: update all packages to latest versionBaptiste Jonglez
2016-07-02ring: Update to latest versionBaptiste Jonglez
2016-04-24ring: -git packages don't provide the non-git package anymoreBaptiste Jonglez
This was confusing, as it allowed to mix -git and non-git Ring packages (which almost certainly won't work, since the APIs evolve quite often).
2016-03-31Ring: Switch back to the upstream git repositories, since they work againBaptiste Jonglez
2016-03-21Ring *-git: Bump versionBaptiste Jonglez
2016-02-21libringclient-git: Bump pkgrel for new uploadBaptiste Jonglez
2016-02-21ring: temporarily switch to the github mirror, since the main repositories ↵Baptiste Jonglez
are down
2016-02-21ring: -git packages now really build from the latest git revisionBaptiste Jonglez
2016-01-09ring: Update to latest versions, and introduce version dependenciesBaptiste Jonglez
The goal of the version dependencies is to ensure compatibility when upgrading, since the API/ABI of the various parts of Ring change quite a lot. For instance, upgrading opendht-git without recompiling ring-daemon-git can prevent the daemon from starting (ABI change in the shared library provided by opendht). A quick test with yaourt indicates that it correctly proposes to recompile dependencies when upgrading a package (for instance ring-gnome-client-git).
2016-01-03libringclient-git: Update to latest version, fixes the "new year's bug"Baptiste Jonglez
2015-12-16ring: Update packages to latest versionBaptiste Jonglez
This mostly fix bugs in the daemon/lib. The gnome client has a fix related to crashes when video is in fullscreen with certain Xorg drivers.
2015-11-30ring: Update packages to latest versionBaptiste Jonglez
2015-11-11libringclient-git: Update to latest versionBaptiste Jonglez
2015-08-24libringclient-git: Update to 20150819Baptiste Jonglez
2015-07-21opendht-git, ring-daemon-git, libringclient-git, ring-gnome-client-git: use ↵Baptiste Jonglez
a fixed version, to avoid incompatibilities when API changes
2015-06-25Initial upload: libringclient-git 20150623-1Baptiste Jonglez
Initial upload: ring-daemon-git 20150623-1 Initial upload: ring-gnome-client-git 20150526-1