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2019-10-06Updated to 1.1.1.Michael Herzberg
2019-08-19Updated to v1.1.0.Michael Herzberg
2019-06-23Removed unnecessary dependencies.Michael Herzberg
2019-05-27Updated to 1.0.1.Michael Herzberg
2019-04-29Updated to 0.10.1.Michael Herzberg
2019-04-10Updated to 0.10.0.Michael Herzberg
2019-02-18Updated to 0.9.1.Michael Herzberg
2019-01-11Updated to version 0.8.1.Michael Herzberg
2018-12-14Updated to version 0.7.0.Michael Herzberg
2018-11-19Updated to version 0.6.3.Michael Herzberg
2018-10-30Updated to version 0.6.2.Michael Herzberg
2018-10-15Updated to version 0.6.1.Michael Herzberg
2018-09-19Update to 0.5.0.Michael Herzberg
2018-09-11Removed auto-tag-tracking, added git to makedepends, and updated to v0.4.0.Michael Herzberg
2018-09-01Updated to 0.3.0 and added auto-bump to most recent tag.Michael Herzberg
2018-08-09Initial commit.Michael Herzberg