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2022-04-25Update QuaZIP versionDan Hasting
2021-12-06Update to QuaZIP 1.2Dan Hasting
2021-10-16Version 1.15Dan Hasting
2021-01-07Patch for changed quazip locationDan Hasting
2020-02-20Version 1.14Dan Hasting
2019-10-09Version 1.13Dan Hasting
2018-10-11Update source line with unique filenameDan Hasting
2018-07-31Version 1.12Dan Hasting
2018-01-25Version 1.11Dan Hasting
2017-02-20Update quazip dependencyDan Hasting
2016-08-29Version 1.10Dan Hasting
2016-04-05Version 1.9Dan Hasting
2016-01-12Fix dependenciesDan Hasting
2015-09-26Fix compilation error without quazip-qt4 installedDan Hasting
2015-09-10mksrcinfoDan Hasting
2015-06-30Initial importDan Hasting