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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-10Update package to v019.4Rene Hollander
2020-04-05Change dependency from nvidia to nvidia-utils.Rene Hollander
2020-02-15Update package to v019.3Rene Hollander
2019-11-25Updates nfancurve to v019.2Rene Hollander
2019-10-25Adds config file to backup array to avoid overwrite on package update.Rene Hollander
2019-10-25Update to v019. This version also installs the config and systemd unit fileRene Hollander
2019-06-18upgpkg: nfancurve 018-1Sefa Eyeoglu
2018-11-25upgpkg: nfancurve 017-1Sefa Eyeoglu
2018-09-16Remove unnecessary make-dependencySefa Eyeoglu
2018-09-16Initial commitSefa Eyeoglu