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2017-07-24fix prltoolsd & initCody P Schafer
2017-07-24fix prltoolsd & initCody P Schafer
2017-07-24use xorg 1.19Cody P Schafer
2017-07-24Adjust for parallels 12 provided toolsCody P Schafer
2017-07-24rename to parallels11 specificCody P Schafer
2017-05-30one more thingCody P Schafer
2017-05-30somehow I missed the 4.11 patchCody P Schafer
2017-03-30update srcinfoCody P Schafer
2017-01-30dkms: fix 4.9Cody P Schafer
2017-01-13remove sbin, add zlib dep, strip some funky rpathsCody P Schafer
2017-01-10initialCody P Schafer