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2018-07-18Patch the soname to make it co-exist with php56 and link successfullyFelix Yan
2018-07-15Fix source and enchant-2/icu compatibilityFelix Yan
2017-06-05Revert: fixesVolkan Gümüs
2017-06-03fixesVolkan Gümüs
2017-06-03fix opensslVolkan Gümüs
2017-05-16new pkg relVolkan Gümüs
2017-05-16set openssl to 1.0Volkan Gümüs
2017-05-16set openssl to 1.0Volkan Gümüs
2017-05-16removed pgp checksVolkan Gümüs
2017-05-15remove pgp keysVolkan Gümüs
2017-04-14fix php-fpm.service, fix pkgbuild contributorVolkan Gümüs
2017-04-14update srcinfoVolkan Gümüs
2017-04-14.SRCINFOVolkan Gümüs
2015-07-23addpkg: php53 5.3.29-4Felix Yan