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2021-06-10Actually update version to 0.36.0Yuri Iozzelli
2021-06-10Update to 0.36.0 and python3.9Yuri Iozzelli
2020-08-28Updated to 0.34.0Yuri Iozzelli
2020-06-13Update to 0.33.0Yuri Iozzelli
2020-04-28Update to 0.32.0Yuri Iozzelli
2019-11-19Update for python3.8Yuri Iozzelli
2019-10-23Update to 0.30.0Yuri Iozzelli
2019-03-29Updated to 0.28.0Yuri Iozzelli
2019-02-17Updated to 0.27.0Yuri Iozzelli
2018-12-02Updated to 0.26.0Yuri Iozzelli
2018-09-10Updated to 0.24.0Yuri Iozzelli
2018-06-17Update to version 0.23.2Yuri Iozzelli
2018-05-20Update .SRCINFOYuri Iozzelli
2017-10-02Updated to 0.20.0Yuri Iozzelli
2017-05-27Updated to 0.18.0Yuri Iozzelli
2017-01-18forgot to update .SRCINFO in previous commitYuri Iozzelli
2016-09-04updated versionYuri Iozzelli
2016-09-04pre-compiled version of python-llvmlite (to avoid problems with llvm versions...Yuri Iozzelli