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2021-06-111.1.0-1Colin Arnott
2019-10-17python-mechanicalsoup: 0.12.0M0Rf30
2018-12-24v0.11.0Colin Arnott
2017-12-15add python{,2}-lxml to depsColin Arnott
2017-12-10merge in python2 package and simplifyColin Arnott
2017-12-10bump version to v0.9.0Colin Arnott
2017-10-07bump to v0.8.0Colin Arnott
2017-05-26v0.7.0Colin Arnott
2016-10-10bump to v0.6.0Colin Arnott
2016-09-19bump .SRCINFOColin Arnott
2016-09-19bump to v0.4.0-1Colin Arnott
2015-08-25add special depends for 2 and 3jdarnold
2015-08-25add split package for python3 and python2jdarnold
2015-08-25Initial importjdarnold