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3 daysupdate to v2.3.3Fabio Rämi
2019-09-01update to v2.3.2Fabio Rämi
2019-08-05update to v2.3.1Fabio Rämi
2019-07-24[PKGBUILD] fix dependenciesFabio Rämi
2019-05-22[DEPS] depends on i3ipc-python, not i3ipc-python-gitFabio
2019-05-20update to v2.3.0Fabio
2019-01-18update to v2.2.1Fabio
2019-01-16update PKGBUILDFabio
2018-11-07update to v2.1.0Fabio
2018-02-08update to 2.0.0Fabio
2018-01-06update to v1.0.1Fabio
2018-01-06update to v1.0.0Fabio
2018-01-04update to 0.2.3Fabio
2017-11-22update to v0.2.2Fabio
2017-11-07update to v0.2.1Fabio
2017-11-06update to v0.2.0Fabio
2017-11-04update to v0.1.3Fabio
2017-11-04update to v0.1.2Fabio
2017-10-28install from wheel to speed up startup timeFabio
2017-10-28Bump pkgrelFabio
2017-10-28Bump pkgrelFabio
2017-10-28initial commitFabio